Body Temperature Scanning Kiosk

The least intrusive way to protect your customers and employees.

• Screen in just 1-2 seconds. No waiting around.

• Just place and forget. No oversight required, ever

• No awkward questions about a cough or a sneeze, just a smile for the camera

temperature scanning kiosk

The health of your customers and employees is your top priority at a time like this. With AE-Tek’s Body Temperature Scanning Kiosk, you can be sure that you’re doing your part to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases. The scanner uses infrared thermal imaging to take the temperature of any individual entering your establishment and identifies within seconds if they might present a health risk. Temperature readings are accurate within -/+0.9F degree of variance and all information is kept confidential to ensure the privacy of your guests. The unit’s modern and unobtrusive design makes it a perfect fit for large establishments, corner stores, and everywhere in between. Prioritize your business’s health by purchasing an AE-Tek Body Temperature Kiosk Scanner today. 

Facial Biometric Recognition
Face Mask Detection
Employee Controls
Temperature Detection
Data & Visitor Logs
Instant Email Alerts

Our next generation All in one Screening System

Temperature Detection

 Facial Biometric Recognition  Face Mask Detection 

Instant Email Alerts 

Control Door Entry 

Employee Controls

Visitor Logs 

Data Logs 

Fully ADA Compliant 

Fully Encrypted 

Plug and Play System 

HIPAA Compliant


Restaurants, Bars, Medical Office, Gyms, Hotels, Malls, Schools, Amusement Parks, Office, Buildings, Hospitals, Railway Stations, Places of Worship and all other public spaces.

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